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{UAH} Dr Kiyingi gave Kamwenge Mayor 800 millions to assasinate Kawesi

Dr Kiyingi gave Kamwenge Mayor 800 millions to assasinate Kawesi

Kaweesi Lying lifeless behind his Car seat


According to a website source Kaweesi' assassination was a last resort to hit hard the government after several attempts to assassinate president Museveni and police chief Gen Kale Kayihura were nipped from the bud.

It is reported that Gen Kayihura got wind of the impending life-taking attacks and responded by heightening his security and around his home and work place at police headquarters.

The Police chief replaced his security with the UPDF elite and battle hardened commando unit from the Special Forces command.

The police headquarters is also one of the tightly guarded facilities with strict measures to access it.

It is indicated that the attackers after realizing that they were unable to attack the president and the Inspector General of police, they came up with a third target which they knew was also very influential and thought would hurt the government equally.

The investigators told us that the motive of the attackers is to hurt the government by killing every influential person at the fore front of defending the regime.

This source told us that the bankrollers of this Kaweesi shooting now started a hunt for professional assassins who would do the job.

Kamwengye Mayor's Role

It is also reported that this killing also involved number of players and that nobody knew one another to avoid leaking the information.

According this security source, among the tens of suspects currently on remand over the shootings, only one suspect was at the scene of crime when the shooting took place while others played different roles.

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The suspect in Luzira disclosed that different people were approached to get the best assassins and that one of their meetings took place at Hotel City Square in Kampala and ended it at Railways substation station in Kampala.

The two meetings were chaired by Kamwengye Mayor Geoffrey Byamukama who knew that there was a deal to kill someone by shooting but did not know which person was going to be killed.

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"They met different people but none of these people knew each other. They knew the deal was to kill someone but did not know whom that person was." The source narrated to us.

It is further revealed that after the meeting, one of the former Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel members who also attended the planning meeting told the members that there were best shooters in Bugiri who were former ADF elements who would do the work.

"The Mayor of Kamwengye Mr. Byamukama was also approached by other people about the deal and he attended the meetings, played what he was supposed to play but he did not know the person who was going to be killed". This source told us.

It is further indicated that Byamukama after securing the people to do the job he did not know what was next and by the time the assassination happened he was at his home in Kamwengye.

Subsequently, he was arrested after the suspects Hassan Tumusiime and Musa Abubaker Ntende identified him as the suspect.

It is indicated that Byamukama has big roots in Para-military service and rose to prominence by taking a frontline action against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel incursion.

He enlisted as Local Defence Unit operative and became a commander of the outfit by 1996, serving up to 2002 when ADF rebels were annihilated. His fierceness earned him the venerable nickname Commander Geoff. After the end of the war, he joined active politics and has served as the local chairman of the ruling NRM party for the last 15 years, helping to mobilize Kamwenge to vote by 90 per cent for the party.

This source also at the helm of Kaweesi killing told us that none of the people who fired bullets that ended Kaweesi's life and that of his body guard and driver is known.

"Even the suspect who was at the scene and participated in the mastermind says he doesn't know the shooters because it was another group indicating that it was carefully planned and executed. The planners used made sure that they use different people who didn't know each other and playing different roles." He says.

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi Comes In

The source also narrated to us that the Ugandan Australian based popular and wealthy cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi could be behind the entire process using former ADF rebels.

It is indicated that prior to Kaweesi shootings, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi always us to fly to Nairobi where he held several meetings with several groups of people planning a clandestine mission.

"He has stopped coming to Nairobi because we got the information if he continued coming we would have arrested him by now". He said.

Dr Kiyingi is wanted for bankrolling murders that rocked eastern Uganda from December 2014 to February 2015.

Shs 800m Deposited On Kaweesi Accounts

It is further reported that a day after Kaweesi was brutally murdered, unidentified people deposited shs 800m to his bank account.

It is believed that the deal was after selling huge land in the city worth billions which Kaweesi had helped to go through.

"The next day after Kaweesi was killed, shs 800m was deposited on his account and I think these people had sold land which Kaweesi had helped them so after his death they sat and said let us deposit this money to help his family." The source narrated.

The source added that other senior police officers who received on the same share were former deputy director police legal services SCP Christine Nanding and SSP Nixon Ayegasirwe.

It is indicated that Nanding and Nixon received about shs 200m and shs100m respectively.

Just like Kabila assassination, the mystery behind Kaweesi assassination also remains disputed.

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