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{UAH} Edward Mulindwa, Happy 4th! Here's Which States Are Pushing Back Against Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

Nearly 40 states are refusing to hand over personal voter information to a new White House commission on voter fraud, which was formed last month in the wake of President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims that millions voted illegally in last year's presidential election.

Many states flatly said they would not comply with the administration's request for sensitive voter information, including birth dates, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, and email addresses. Other states, however, said they were willing to do the bare minimum to comply with the request by only providing voter information that was already available to the public.

In every state listed below, however, election officials from both parties are putting up some form of resistance to the Trump administration's demands for voter information. Some are pushing back against the commission despite the fact that they have yet to receive its actual letter requesting the information. Critics of the initiative fear the data will be used to create an inaccurate picture of voter fraud, a relatively rare phenomenon in the U.S.

Here's who's resisting the administration's request so far:

Here's Which States Are Pushing Back Against Trump's Voter Fraud Commission | HuffPost

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