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{UAH} Female student from Uganda escapes sexual assault bid in Trichy

Female student from Uganda escapes sexual assault bid in Trichy

| TNN | Jul 10, 2017, 07.35 PM IST
(Representative image)(Representative image)
TRICHY: A 24-year-old female student from Uganda escaped from a sexual assault attempt by an unidentified man at her home in Trichy in the early hours of Monday.

The incident happened in an apartment complex at Woraiyur around 1am. She was alone at her flat.

An unidentified man allegedly barged into her house by breaking open the door and attempted to sexually assault her.

The woman showed stiff resistance and raised an alarm to wake up the residents in nearby flats. As soon as she screamed for help, the man fled the scene.

On being informed, the government hospital police took up the investigation.

She is a postgraduate degree student at a private college in the city. She has been residing in the apartment for the past one year.

Going by the statement of the woman, the police said the accused was an unknown person to her. The police suspected that the accused may be a local person. The apartment was not equipped with CCTV surveillance.

The foreign national requestd the police not to probe the incident.

"She was not interested to file a complaint. Hence, no case has been registered," said sub-inspector of GH police station S Gopal.


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