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{UAH} Flying Squad Nets Notorious City Fraudster

Flying Squad Nets Notorious City Fraudster


Central police station Kampala is holding a top city fraudster over allegations of conning and stealing money worth USD58000 from an Indian businessman.

The arrested city fraudster has been identified as Kasule Muhammad aka Big boy a resident of Ntinda a Kampala suburb who is being accused of conning a one Bharac Kumala Kyanda his money in a fake gold deal.

According to our sources at CPS, the victim Kumala got to know about the fraudster after he was introduced to him by his accomplices as the owner of the largest company dealing in buying and selling of Gold Business in the country.

The tycoon was thus convinced enough and agreed to meet Big Boy at his office located at Communication house where he allegedly took his money saying that he was going to bring him Gold the following day.

When the tycoon tried to reach him the following day, his phones were picked by another people who told him that they din't know him and that he had dealt with wrong people.

Panting like a tired dog, Kumala  rushed to Central Police station and opened a case of theft against him vide SD 42/15/06/2017.

Our police spies further revealed that Big Boy upon learning that police was looking for him like government Facebook critique Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO), he started dishing out bribes to several police detectives not to arrest him until the Indian businessman lost trust and ran to Flying Squad commander and reported the same matter.

Flying Squad Commandant ACP Herbert Muhangi instructed his blue eyed boys to track him before they nabbed him from along Entebbe road in less than a minute.

Investigators have discovered that the suspect has been heading a racket of fraudsters and conmen in town who have been defrauding huge amounts of money from different people from all walks of life under false pretense.

The suspect is yet to be paraded before Buganda road court to face charges of obtaining money by false pretense among other cases while the hunt for his other accomplices remains underway.


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