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{UAH} Funny, funny Bobi

The new Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Hon Wine) has broken a legislative record. Soon after swearing in on Tuesday this week, he flew off with his wife to Malta for a break. He is the first cub legislator to start of in such fashion.

Then on Friday a statement by President Museveni on recent by-elections came out and which he mentioned Bobi's name and case.

Yesterday Bobi posted on his social media that he would subsequently respond to the Big Man.

Now, now, Bobi should know that's not how things are done in this field; there is no time for tomorrow-some things should be over with in the moment. This is something we are going to mentor him in. Don't promise, do or begin to look like those who have kept everyone waiting for someone who can do things!

The theme of the campaign was "time".

The debut matters!

Robert Atuhairwe

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