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{UAH} Growing Inequality in Uganda

Compared to 1960's NRMs Uganda has generated a huge level of
inequality unprecedented in the entire history of the country.

There is a claim that the economy has expanded – I highly doubt this
hypothesis since virtually all the production capacity Uganda had in
1960äs to 78 has not been restored i.e. in the textile industry
(MULCO, UGIL etc), mining, Transport (UTC, Transport cooperative,
Railway, Airlines), Agriculture (cooperative union etc ).

Uganda imports heavily from China – and these are basically
consumption items rather than machinery or industrial input.

However, NRM through its political system is creating a small group of
very rich people who by their very acts of getting free money have not
invested in any reasonable productive sector as the case was in the

This NRM period can be compared to Amin's donation of Indian property
to inexperienced Ugandans who just run down the businesses.

NRM likewise brings whoever can put on yellow to the table and donate
free money . True they have built houses and that is all about it. By
virtue of this very act – there is now rapid increase of inequality in
the country.


Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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