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{UAH} Haunting Grenfell Tower footage shows officers climbing blackened stairs

Afuwa Kasule/ Mike Ocaya p'Ocure,

Have a look at these pictures of the forensic work being done inside the burnt out ruins of Grenfell Towers. Just look at the work that the forensic specialist team is doing. And to think Afuwa said giving the identities of the victims was just a simple matter of "adding the maths" defies belief!!


Haunting Grenfell Tower footage shows officers climbing blackened ...

9 hours ago - Police are carrying out a fingertip search of all floors on their hands ... Haunting GrenfellTower footage shows officers climbing blackened stairs ... The latest images released by the Metropolitan Police show specialist officers trying to ... "All I can say is please be patient, we aredoing our utmost best for you.

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