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{UAH} Health sector needs serious attention

Yesterday my father felt uneasy and i was obliged to rush him to the near by hospital that's a stone throw away from our residence in Rukungiri. On reaching the hospital at 10:49am, the doorways were open and none of the staff were seen around! Only patients wriggling on their sickbay and roaches clattering in the pharmacy shelves. That's Kebisoni Health Center 3.

I got a second thought quickly, to drive my Mzee where he is insured though it was 10 or more kilometres away. So, off we drove to Ndama health center that's owned by catholic church.
Though the hospital appeared clean and stocked with medicine, no nurse or doctor were around! We even waited for 8 minutes but none came to attend to us.

Being dietetic and hypertensive, my dad started sweating as though was doing postprandial exercises, I ran short of choices. The next alternative seemed helpless because the facility was 18km away and that's Nyakibale hospital which is also Catholic owned, in fact the best in Rukungiri, just 4km to Rukungiri town. So I drove me dad to Nyakibaale and in 6 minutes we were checking in, 30 minutes later we were going back home and dad was well.

All hospitals in Rukungiri district (Uganda at large) that are owned by government are just structures, no medicine and no staff! The little staff there operate their own pharmacies nearby hospitals and only receive per diem and monthly payment.

I think if government stocked up the already existing hospitals, death rate can reduce by 60%!

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