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{UAH} Here are Justice Bamugemereire’s terms of reference:

Given the crystal-clear Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the ongoing Justice Bamugemeire Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters, what was the rationale for the recent tabling of a Constitutional Amendment Bill on the same issue (see number 1 & 5) that the Commission is looking into?

Here are Justice Bamugemereire's terms of reference:

1. Investigate and inquire into the Law, processes and procedures by which land is administered and registered in Uganda.
2. Investigate and inquire into the role and effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission in administering public land and the Land Fund.
3. Investigate, inquire into and review the effectiveness of the relevant bodies in the preservation of wetlands, forests and game reserves and examine ways in which the challenge of human habitation in those areas can be resolved.
4. To investigate, inquire and solicit views on the role of traditional, cultural and religious institutions who own large tracts of land with occupants in a bid to enhance better landlord/tenant relationships.
5. To assess the legal and policy framework on Government land acquisition.
6. To identify, investigate and inquire into the effectiveness of the dispute resolution mechanisms available to persons involved in land disputes.
7. To inquire into any other matter connected with or incidental to the matters aforesaid and make recommendations.
8. The Commission shall make recommendations:
9. For improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the law, policies and processes of land acquisition, land administration, land management and land registration in Uganda and proposing necessary reforms.
10. Pertaining to civil, administrative and criminal sanctions against persons found culpable for wrong doing.

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