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{UAH} Home National Stolen medicine from Uganda smuggled to South Sudan, DRC

For the record


South Sudan started to use the phone code of 256, I complained and Peter Simon Okurut was the lead among those that complained that I fail to realize that we all as Africans should help each other. I had raised so much dust out there, to the point that international organizations had started to write letters of opposition, and I lost the grip on the issue. To today many Southern Sudanese are on Uganda phone code. The government Uganda has today, has sold out the very principles that identify us as Ugandans to a point that @.UG is today owned by an individual in United States, for the Okurut's have spent their entire lives going after everything we try to save for the future Ugandans.


It is only firkin medicine,                ->suck up.



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"With Yoweri Museveni, Ssabassajja and Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Uganda is in anarchy"
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Fellow citizens, 


See how Uganda is grand-mothering South Sudan. Thanks to Dr. Ojera for organizing that sting operation. So government buys medical supplies but ends losing it to smugglers? 


Fellow citizens, what in your opinion should government do to stop this smuggling practice and abuse of office?





Stolen medicine from Uganda smuggled to South Sudan, DRC

Stolen medicine is smuggled out of the country, packed as food stuffs to beat border security



Peter Simon

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