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{UAH} Individual Merit vs Factions

In addition to the fears I have about electronic voting at this time, I am also concerned about groups forming for the sole purpose of capturing power in UNAA.  I have it many times before that such groups are a danger to unity because leaders of the groups come in focused on personal benefit rather than UNAA's benefit.  
I have always joined folks that were skeptical about the viability of such groups that are formed for the sole purpose of capturing power. 
I always correctly predicted that such groups would soon break up into warring factions that hamper the work of UNAA...thus hurting everyone, including those of us that had not joined the groups.  e.g in 2009, I warned my friends in the Musisi vs Wilson groups that they would lead to fatal fights in UNAA and that regardless of the winner, each of those groups would break up within a it was, that prediction came to light.  Most of Musis's supporters never came back to UNAA.  And then both camps broke up in disarray. In 2011, the same thing happened to Senoga vs Transformers, and in 2013 it happened to the Senoga vs Wilson/Kwesiga camps, and now, apparently the Kwesiga/Atigo/Dallas camp has broken up...sadly, one thing all those divorces leave discord in UNAA, which is very hard to heal.
Candidates tend to use their backers in these factions to attack and insult other candidates.  They say things that the candidates feel shy about saying in public.  These insults inevitably create lasting animosity. 
Apart from destructive civil wars, the election groups also tend to attract folks that want to latch onto the candidates as a way to get favors after elections. e.g no-bid  contracts to supply products and services to UNAA.   In future, I hope we will not have factions formed for the sole purpose of capturing power. 

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