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{UAH} Jeremy Corbyn is developing a cult of personality. That is terrifying

The Conservatives are so afraid of Corbyn, they are now beginning to write scare stories about him like this one. Corbyn has never been a cult leader. he is the most approachable person you could ever meet. As a young graduate from university, he even taught in a secondary school in Jamaica for two years and the people there still remember  him as gangly, talkative chap who would do anything to help people out.

Jeremy Corbyn is developing a cult of personality. That is terrifying 

Jeremy Corbyn's face superimposed on North Korean propaganda
The hype around Jeremy Corbyn resembles that of a Dear Leader's cult of personality CREDIT: TELEGRAPH

There is one thing to be grateful for since the general election: the left have stopped moaning. Now they walk with a spring in their step, an effervescence in their dinner party demeanours. For at last, those batty, often sinister slogans about solidarity, love, free education, and Tory scum have moved within spitting distance of Downing Street. The fringe has become the mainstream, the 1970s live again, and this, of course, is cause for exuberant socialist air-punching.

But for those of us who have not been seduced by the rabbity face of the great new patriarch of the left, Jeremy Corbyn, nor by his cronies, the atmosphere in this country since June 8 has been decidedly uncomfortable.  

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