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{UAH} Kaweesi murder: A Muslim Tortured suspect with cancer rotting at CPS

Kaweesi murder: Tortured suspect with cancer rotting at CPS


A 20 year old orphan only identified as Bbale has been held at Central Police Station (CPS) for close to 4 months in connection to the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Bbale, according to her relative Fatuma Nantongo was arrested in March and taken to Nalufenya- a highly dreaded security installation and tortured.

Bbale would later develop septic wounds on his shoulders.

"He was brought in an ambulance and dumped at CPS. Since then he has never been produced in Court like other suspects," Fatuma said.

However, Bbale has since developed cancerous wound on his right shoulder.

Bbale rotting in police cells (pictures by NTV)

He has not been given any medical attention while in police custody.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) spokesman Emillian Kayima confirmed that Bbale needs urgent medical examination.

He condemned the actions of police for detaining a suspect without being tried in Court.

Kayima said Bbale's issues will be handled next Monday.

Bbale is among many suspects who have not seen justice.

Police has been criticised for recklessly handling Kaweesi murder investigations in which innocent suspects have been tortured and others compelled to plead guilty for assasinating Kaweesi.

He was gunned down on 17th March together with his driver and bodyguard in Kulambiro a Kampala suburb.

His killers remain at large.

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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