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{UAH} Khadr "felt happy" when his grenade killed U.S. medic -

Mayimuna/ Edward irundrua Afuwa kasule.

Below are dcocuments relating to Omar Khadr's Trial before A US War Crimes Tribunal. I have read the USA as well as the Canadian court decisions and I have now come to the conclusion the USA Tribunal  made the right decision. The Canadian court was wrong and misguided in its decision to treat Khadr as a "child" even if he was 15 years old at the time. Khadr was a mature person  and knew exactly what he was doing. He was guilty of murder, pure and simple and should have paid the penalty. There is now serious doubt about the independence of the Canadian courts as it seems to have been influenced by political considerations, and especially by the pro-Islamist sympathies of its current leader, the boy Justin Trudeau. The Canadian court is not like the UK court, which is totally independent and is composed of eminent, intelligent and highly educated judges, a far cry from what you have in Canada.


    Fact summary at Guantanamo tribunal reveals new details
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