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{UAH} LAND AMENDMENT BILL [what does your MP say?]

 LAND AMENDMENT BILL [what does your MP say?]
A bill has already been tabled before parliament by the ruling party that prompts to amend article (237) [land ownership].
The land ownership article (237), clause (1) reads; "Land in Uganda belongs to the citizens of Uganda and shall vest in them accordance with the land tenure systems provided for in this constitution."
Clause (2) reads; "Notwithstanding clause (1) of this article," explains in part (a); "the government or a local government may, subject to article (26) [PROTECTION FROM DEPRIVATION OF PROPERTY] of the constitution, acquire land in the public interest; and the conditions governing such acquisition shall be as prescribed by parliament.

NOW, this bill provokes to amend this article by taking away the authority the citizens have been having regarding ownership and protection of their land.
The bill suggests that in a situation where the government wants to use your land in public interests (electrification, roads construction, mining, or any other land use as may be deemed important), the government shall bring the land valuer (a person who shall determine the worth of your land) without the land owner's consultation, suggestion and negotiation and whether you do or not accept the money they have dictated, they shall put it to the courts of law where you shall pick it or leave it but your land will already be under use by the government.


We have been hearing and also seeing land grabbers, these have been big people in government or untouchable rich businessmen and women.
Land has been grabbed from people when the constitution has been protecting them from deprivation and giving them a right to negotiate in exchange of their land to government "mafias" so what shall happen now that when they take whatever and whenever they want more worse they dictate the exchange price.
This is what I shall call the famous "scramble and partition" they are trying by all means to make the land grabbing process easy and seem democratic.


This bill has been introduced by the ruling party (NRM), which obviously is the majority in the august house and still which harbors and hides mafia land grabbers (it is on record), which means they can still bend whatever comes in their way to actualization of their ego-centric and selfish motives
BUT, they are our MPs we voted that still vote against or for these ACTS; so, WHAT DOES YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT SAY ABOUT THIS BILL.
HONOURABLES, John Twesigye Ntamuhiira and Kasande Grace, WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS…….. a time shall come and you will be accountable.

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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