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{UAH} Lukwago: Kamya, Musisi plot to usurp my powers

Kampala Lord Mayor, Elias Lukwago, has accused Minister Hon. Betty Kamya, and Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] executive director, Jennifer Musisi, of trying to make his office ceremonial and render him irrelevant in City Hall affairs.

Lukwago was discussing additional amendments in the KCCA bill on NBS TV Thursday morning alongside State Minister for Kampala, Hon. Benny Namugwanya.

"This is not the first time my office is fronted," Lukwago said, adding, "it is unfortunate that office of the Kampala minister and the KCCA head [Jennifer Musisi] intend to make the Lord Mayor's office ceremonial."

Lukwago said this pair [Musisi and Kamya] is backed by President Yoweri Museveni.

"They now behave like they are political heads, like they own governance in Kampala," Lukwago said.

According to him, President is trying to have Kampala back to himself yet he last won elections in Kampala in 1996.

"Kampala is the seat of power and the Lord Mayor oversees it. Betty Kamya does not have a role that is why there is a lot of friction coming from her. She is seeking relevance."

Lukwago said according to article 1 of the constitution, the capital city will be overseen by the central government.

"When a political head that is supposed to be in charge of administration is put in charge of governance, where does it leave us?" he wondered.

Kamya has been a target of criticism this week for claiming that Museveni is more intelligent than the entire cabinet and that he should rule forever.

Musisi too has had her own grudges against Lukwago for several years now.

Hon. Namugwanya, on the other hand, said the reason they are amending the KCCA bill is to streamline roles and responsibilities of everyone in KCCA.

"With this amendment bill, we intend to define from where the authority stems from," she stated, adding, "We are not trying to replace anybody neither are we formulating new roles. Governance is left to the Mayor."

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