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{UAH} May God give the family of the late Kaudha Hailat patience and strength during this ordeal.


Pre-eclampsia is a very nasty disease and I wish the Uganda govt could do more to enlighten our people about it. For us as Ugandans At heart, we aren't all sitting on our laurels waiting for the next complication to hit.

Pregnant women should be aware of the early signs of pre-eclampsia because the condition can rapidly become life-threatening, or result into actual death as was the case with our sister,Hon Kaudha Grace Hailat, of Iganga, Busoga, that died last night.Her names confused me such that its difficult to know which religion she practiced.

Apparently the disease is supposed to be most common in first pregnancies, teenagers and women over 35, a reason why a lot of people in developing countries dont take it seriously.Some women are diagnosed without showing the known signs such as: swelling of the ankles, or oedema,the hands and face may swell too. Higher than normal blood pressure and there is usually protein in the urine.

Women go on magnesium sulfate during the birth but there are several things one could do to reduce the risk of reoccurance:
1.Some women are advised to take a baby aspirin every day (I guess there is disagreement about how well that works, and it should never be done excpet under a doctor's advise),
2.Eating a high calcium diet,
3.Resting off your feet as much as possible, just spending time every day with the feet elevated,
4.Having a home blood pressure monitor and take your BP every day, and see the doctor once a week,
5.High protein diets,not going to a low sodium diet (just avoiding excessive salt).

Studies have been done showing these things work, and other studies that they don't. Personally, I think they just don't know what causes it or how to treat it, but it can't hurt to try. I would recommend you ask your doctor if he/she thinks you are very high risk and what the odds are for a repeat. Good luck.May God give the family of the late Kaudha Hailat patience(sabr) and strength during this ordeal.

Disclaimer: Iam not a doctor, nor do I play one on forums. I'm just a volunteer public health promoter with a postgraduate qualification in the same field(Public Health Promotion).


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