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{UAH} The Mbarara BSU Girl Killed by Her Sponsor with Acid

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Twesigye Faluku with Paddy Junior and 50 others.

The Mbarara BSU Girl Killed by Her Sponsor with Acid
By Twesigye Faluku

A young graduate by her name Jane Sanyu poured Acid that killed her yesterday in town. She did Human Resource

The boyfriend struggled to pay for her school fees at BSU then the lady dumped him just recently after graduating from Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara RIP young lady


The real Boyfriend boarded a boda-boda from at his Mobile money business located at Mbarara-Masaka High way and went with packed acid to check on this girl at their home located at Kijukizo as early as 10am and when he reached, he was welcomed and given a seat but the babe was in her room washing clothes and when a man finished his mission he escaped up to now

In Photo; During their Hey Time and they were in Lyantonde at a place called Ku Jinja

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Her Body is to be Rested In Peace Tomorrow

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