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{UAH} Mr. President Uganda is somewhere in 1970’s or worse.

I am discovering that Uganda unlike Kenya and Tanzania – is going to
have a very hard time attracting trully real business investments and
investors as it is in Dubai.

Out of 150 international corporation we have studied, all have
responded that they are either not interested or have no budgets of
doing anything in Uganda!

Basically Uganda has no requisite infrastructure. Secondarily, State
institutions are either dysfunctional or lack direction, unfunded or
both. Umeme has about 1 million consumers out 8 or 9 million adults.
Thirdly Uganda does not follow its own laws. There is dilly dallying
about everything. There is political uncertainty.

SACCOS are piling up private debt (faulty fiscal policy on low income
agriculture and trade), and BoU or Ministry of Finance appear to have
no clue about what is happening. Flimsy SACCOS structures are not
reporting their indebtness to BoU.

No one is basically writing home about the problem which implies more
and more citizens are losing their assets like; cars, houses,
homestead appliances etc. The most basic economy is gradually
collapsing with no remedy in site. (SACCOS)

Centenary Park, Boda Boda menace, Lack of a transportation system,
lack of fixed telephone network (UTL) infrastructure being examples
where state resources are wasted on dramatizing everything without
truly having a real impact!

Uganda education sector that has brought huge numbers of students in
that past from neighboring countries has dried up due to fraud and
inconsistence. Neighboring countries are implementing measures that
will stop the follow of their citizens to an incompetent and
fraudulent education system.

All over the country, the citizens are scattered in small villages or
slum settlements /towns at times called estates. Sadly these too, are
totally unplanned without or dismally basic infrastructure.

Currently a good number of citizens/dwellers in these estates are
unemployed, underemployed or their incomes are too low to spur growth
without extortion, or outright stealing of state/corporate funds!

Nakumatt and other super markets collapse bring a bitter truth on the
surface (they had invested in Kampala, Entebbe and Mbarara). The
country has no power purchasing parity, there is no demand. The so
called middle class is actually very small or is a group of
corporate/state employed.

This is very serious since it signals the collapse of a very small
processing and manufacturing sector on which the country does not
depend anyway.

Indians too who are well groomed to work in hard environments come and
leave – particularly those who have sizeable investment capital.

If the country will rely entirely on its own resources, my current
efforts to understand the situation shows, the politics is not willing
to do what will expressly develop the country! For example in this NRM
mandate period, the country would have established about 5 villages of
about 5000 people each in addition to housing all public servants and
increasing their wages.

Two Cities that were planned to come on stream have no materialized!

Parliament Approves New City - New Vision

Government to build new cities in Bunyoro, Buvuma - SkyscraperCity › ... › East Africa › Uganda

Govt plans to build new city at Karuma - Daily Monitor

Two important Ministries (Min. of Works and Transport /Min of Lands
Housing and Urban Development) in marcoeconomic development are almost
collapsing without adequate funding.

This is a simple macroeconomic strategy with enormous impact on micro
economic stability the country does not consider vitaly important. I
can rightly say Uganda is somewhere in 1970's or worse.

NRM will have to understand as to the reasons why this is the status
quo – after 30 years!



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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