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{UAH} Nodding Disease Victims Are Too Horny – Report

Nodding Disease Victims Are Too Horny – Report

By Patrick Ocaido

A report has revealed that nodding syndrome, also referred to as nodding disease, is not only characterized by a nodding behavior of the head, but also a 'riotous' nodding of the victim's whopper.

This hysterical report was tabled before parliament recently by the committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development on the nodding disease syndrome in Northern Uganda.

According to this report, an empirical study shows that victims of this nodding disease are too horny as a result of drugs that they take. In other words the drugs have turned into some sort of Viagra-a renowned sex boasting drug among young male and female victims in Northern Uganda.

"The victims (of nodding disease) have high temperament, argue a lot and do not accept correction. The drugs given as medication lead to a high appetite for food and increase their libido, forcing them to rape or initiate sex," the shocking report reads.

The report adds that, "these children are stigmatized by the community due to ignorance about the cause of the disease and how it is spread and access to medical care is hard for many victims because their homes are far away from the health centre or rehabilitation centres."

Nodding disease victims are subjected to taking Carbamazepine tablets daily.

According to, an American medical analysis website launched in 2008, Libido increase is found among people who take Carbamazepine, especially for people who are male, aged 60+ old, having been taking the drug for 1 – 6 months. The site provides patients and healthcare professionals with tools to study approximately 40 million drug outcomes, following the release of those drugs onto the market. The latest report from the site says that out of 22,883 people reported to have side effects when taking Carbamazepine, 7 people (0.03%) have had their libido increased. These figures are much higher on people below the age of 25 suffering from Psychotic Disorder or nodding disease syndrome.

Statistics also show that worldwide, 57.14 % of male have experienced increased libido upon taking carbamazepine compared to 42.86% among female.

During the MPs' guided tours, it was observed that this drug-carbamazepine comes with several and severe side effects among them is increased libido, due to shortage of drugs and food, which usually causes  convulsion, thus 'disrupting' most parts of their bodies.

"The drugs work effectively if the victim is well fed. At Tumangu Rehabilitation Centre in Kitgum, medical personnel have fled the Health centre II because of insecurity in the area," the report reads.

It has emerged that when victims of this nodding disease become 'riotous', some parents abandon them, tether them on trees, lock them up with domestic animals or inject them with drugs to keep them under control.

In their findings, the committee also found out that nodding disease syndrome adversely affects the health of the victim and is usually manifested with another disease.

"The child may have nodding disease syndrome and epilepsy or nodding disease syndrome and mental complications. That leads to multiple disability challenges yet there are no special schools for the children. Growth of the victim is retarded to the extent that a 22year old can look like a 9year old," the report adds.

Nodding disease syndrome was discovered in Northern Uganda region in 1998 and affects young people between the ages of 5 to 15years and in some few cases, up to 25years. Whereas the cause of the syndrome remains largely unknown, the disease is manageable through medication, nutrition and physiotherapy and if a victim is left untreated for a long time, the person becomes paralyzed and eventually disabled.

The report that was prepared by its committee chairperson, Margaret Muhangi observed that little effort has been put into research about the cause of nodding disease syndrome, 18years after it was first discovered in Northern Uganda.

"There is widespread misconception about the cause of nodding disease syndrome and how it is spread. While some think that it is a natural cause, others are of the view that it is an effect of the war. This has affected the way the community treats the victims, how families care for them and the perception towards the government," the report states.

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