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{UAH} On Their Wedding Night He Delivered A Secret She Wasn't Ready For. The Result Will Have You In Tears.

On Their Wedding Night He Delivered A Secret She Wasn't Ready For. The Result Will Have You In Tears.

Published on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cumbria, -- Morrisons' employee William Baker's wedding gift became a thing of legend this week and not because it cost £782,349. After getting lucky in an online casino he pulled the ultimate romantic move.

Meet William. William is an employee of Morrisons in Cumbria. As a father of 2 kids he was having financial turmoil together with his girlfriend.

Recently, William proposed to her girlfriend and planned to have a very small and inexpensive wedding.

William's girlfriend had said to him that if there is a chance she would llike to travel to Bora Bora so she could feel the ocean breeze in her face and sand beneath her feet. Bora Bora for those who don't know is a very expensive island. Between the apartment rent, kids' daily expenses and wedding costs, it would be near impossible for them to go.

William took to Facebook one night to update his friends and family on his girlfriend's health. A little tired and admittedly a bit depressed, William stumbled upon an ad for LeoVegas Casino. With little to no money to spend he admits he laughed and almost scrolled past it until he saw they were offering a promotion to that would reward him with 100 Free Spins which at over £700,000 was too hard to pass up.

"I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw how big the jackpot was," he joked. "That was life-changing money. I figured the least I could do was deposit £10 and take a shot at it!"

What happened after William signed up would change his life forever. In one single spin, He won the progressive jackpot of LeoVegas Casino's "Starburst" game, cashing out on £782,349 in a matter of 5 seconds. Having won over 30 times his annual salary in a single spin, his debt and financial worries came to an abrupt end.

"I just didn't believe it at first," says William. "I thought it was all a dream after claiming my free spins, I hit the jackpot on Starburst. I confirmed my age & claimed £782,322 in my bank. I was shocked it was deposited in my bank the next day! Then I quietly paid off the bills, the wedding, and in secret bought a house."

On the night of the wedding, after keeping this win a secret for WEEKS, William took a knee and whispered into her ear what had happened and placed two plane tickets to Bora Bora and the keys to their new house in her lap.

It would seem that LeoVegas Casino and William were meant to meet that night. Down on his luck their "100 Free Jackpot Chances" turned his life around.

And while one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, William certainly isn't the only one to cash out on LeoVegas Casino's welcome free spins for promo. Since the promotion began last month, over 240 players in UK have won money from playing. However, it appears the giveaway will be soon ending as the company has already paid out over £3,000,000 in total winnings to new signups in the past 3 months alone.


But why is it so easy to win with LeoVegas Casino? We contacted expert Andrew Black from Vegas Insight for some information: "LeoVegas Casino is new here in UK, it's common for new casinos to run at a loss for the first few months to gain market share and get people talking, it's really common for people to win easily in this period"

As far as the Casino winnings go, our own Daily News reporter Sarah couldn't help and also tried her hand at the jackpot but only walked away with a £485 win - "you can't always win as big as William sadly!"

Others in London have also shared in the winnings claiming over £3,000,000 in prizes on the Starburst Jackpots!

Think this could be your lucky day too? Sign up for LeoVegas Casino and they'll even give you 100 free spins after you spend £10! Reliable sources have told us that because of its extreme popularity, LeoVegas Casino is considering discontinuing this promotional offer. However, as of 29-7-2017 this offer is still valid.

Claim Your 100 Free Spins

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  1. All Fake, the same story in Spanish, but the name Jesus Perez

    "La esposa de Jesús le había dicho que, si tuvieran más dinero, viajaría a Bora Bora para poder sentir la brisa del mar en su rostro y la arena bajo sus pies. Bora Bora para aquellos que no saben, es una isla muy costosa, y entre los gastos de la vida diaria, el alquiler y los gastos de la boda, sería casi imposible para ellos ir a Bora Bora."


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