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{UAH} Oupa Manyisa tries to gag Diski Divas

Oupa Manyisa tries to gag Diski Divas

By Julia Madibogo | Jul 06, 2017

  • DJ Thato Makgaka. Picture credit: Instagram.

  • Oupa Manyisa.

  • DJ Thato Makgaka. Picture credit: Instagram.

  • DJ Thato Makgaka. Picture credit: Instagram.

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Orlando Pirates midfielder Oupa Manyisa has set his lawyers on reality television show Diski Divas.

The Buccaneers player is not impressed with the new addition of former Miss Soweto and DJ Thato Makgaka to the show's cast.

Makgaka, 23, made headlines in 2015 when she claimed Manyisa fathered her son out of wedlock - a statement Manyisa disputed with public DNA tests.

Following news of Makgaka joining the show, Manyisa took to social media on Monday to post a screenshot of the DNA test which shows he is not the father of her child.

Manyisa was not available for comment yesterday, but his lawyer John Wilson said they had requested an undertaking by Makgaka as well as Diski Divas production company Connect TV to shy away from Manyisa's name. "Thato has for the past two years been defaming my client. She is now attempting to damage his reputation by portraying herself as the mother of Oupa's child on this show."

Wilson added: "We have requested an undertaking by Thato as well as Connect TV to immediately desist from defaming my client. Should we not receive [the undertaking] we will be applying for the appropriate interdictory relief restraining Thato and Connect TV from doing so."

Diski Divas producer Kopano Gelman said: "Connect advised Mr Wilson that, in the programme, Thato Makgaka made no reference to Oupa Manyisa as being the father of her child. Notwithstanding this, on July 4 2017, Connect received a letter from another attorney acting on behalf of Oupa Manyisa requesting an undertaking from Connect that it would desist from defaming Oupa Manyisa by, inter alia, referring to him as the father of Thato Makgaka's child.

"Nothing further was heard from Oupa Manyisa's lawyers as there was no further basis for them to threaten any legal proceedings."

Makgaka could not be reached.


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