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First, Thank you for your constructive comments in the above mentioned subject.
I note that an important ongoing debate about His Excellency President Idi Amin and Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka  is somehow being misused to settle personal scores by insulting Hussein Lumumba Amin instead.
I also note that the very fascists responsible for the Obote tyranny that resulted in 500,000 human skulls, skeletons and mass graves in Luweero and everywhere around the country, innocent Ugandan peasants that the Obote monsters slaughtered while moving their medula oblongata up and down to the rythm of the Otole dance, these same murderers feel they can still harrass Mr. Abbey Semuwemba whose parents they killed in cold blood, not to publish a simple quote from President Amin because they are Muslims. A blatant attempt at fascist Oboteism. The same 1979 Islamophobia by criminals masquerading as human rights lawyers, journalists and reverands, all ganging up today in 2017 and trying to block the free publication of important information pertaining to a President of the Republic of Uganda because of religion.
This stagnant delusional Obote ideology that has failed to evolve with the times and still has its basis in sectarianism and hate--speech as can be evidenced in their narratives on this forum, clearly has no place in modern Uganda.
Obviously certain people are out of touch with reality.
That said I wouldn't mind discussing the now stupid Tanzanian victory of 1979, and it's insignificance to the Ugandan population given the high regard that Field Marshal President Idi Amin Dada enjoys amongst 80% of the people of Uganda today as the best and most patriotic president Uganda ever had.

Thank You & Happy International Care Day!

Signed: Hussein Lumumba Amin

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