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{UAH} Public Service Ministry Issues Strict Dress Code For Employees

Public Service Ministry Issues Strict Dress Code For Employees

Uganda's Public Service Ministry has released a strict dress code for the non uniformed officers in the public service revealing that those who do not abide will not be tolerated.

The measures are contained in a statement issued by the Permanent Secretary in the country's Ministry of Public Service quoting the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2010.

"Section F-j of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders provides for dress code in the public service. Paragraph 4 stipulates that a Public Officer is required to dress decently and in the generally acceptable standards in the Ugandan community," the statement reads in part.

It adds, "It has however been observed that Public Officers have dressed in a manner that does not portray a good image of the service and does not fall within the generally acceptable standards of the community."

Dress code regulations

According to the orders, a public officer, like any other citizen, is subject to the laws of Uganda. A public officer shall maintain a high standard of personal conduct and integrity both in public and private life.

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