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{UAH} Reasons land conflicts are rampant in Uganda

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga

I have read yours with fascination.

All analysis of Land conflict in Uganda miss two points.

Historically first: When NRM came to power they categorically stated
that they will monetarise land! What was the basis for this action?
The idea was to expand land for cattle rearing! I went to Luweero
sometime back (1990s) and every piece of land had been grabbed by
state agencies or people who were connected to the state.

There was a minister who went a bit far, using state agencies to evict
people from Bibanja and even the balaro who had used the cattle
corridor for centuries! People were just be brutally moved from land
and the small gardens destroyed!

She had written an eviction letter to Bulemezi residents!

This was heart rendering – and I openly wrote about it in these
forums. The Minister withdrew her brutes then, but the menace never

I typically remember an elderly woman (Mularo) who fund me at Luweero
district headquarters – she had come to report a similar case to Hajji
Abuddul Nadduli.

I listened intently as she narrated how her helper was beaten and then
taken to police never to be seen again. All her cows were driven away
and hut burnt! Growing up in Luweero /Buruli area people lived here
very peaceful – just visit Luweero today and you will be amazed who
owns land – huge chunks of land is fenced off – this is a vast piece
of land!

It's an exhibition of the highest level of political myopia that has
befallen this country. Land in Uganda including titled land in
Buganda, is communally owned as you have expressed – obutaaka.

That fact will not go away however much land is parceled out using the
English titling of land.

1. I have in the past said or written – we better revert to a system
which has worked everywhere – NATIVE TITLE. Since Uganda is ethically
divided let each people own their land according to their native

2. NRM has failed to build a single house for the people of Uganda.
People need security for their families and future and a home is the
first priority. If very one is looking for land to build a house, this
will result into unforeseen chaos – and that is what we are witnessing
principally starting here in Buganda, where there is a high population
concentration . This does not mean there is no land. Drive from Iganga
through Namutumba - this open empty land or Ankole and Kigezi. Drive
from Kakoge to Karuma, from Karuma to Pakwach.

Start concentration of people into small communities and that is it.
you will start reversing land transaction chaos.

Moreover, people are transacting land which is not planned. This is
very costly for the state – study SGR and UNRA purchase of land from
people! How long will this go on.

I hear the state is now saying they will use litigation (state laws )
to grab land.

Lastly, Uganda has vast empty land – go to Kigezi and ask who occupies
the hills but I hear that Kigezi is over populated. Perception.

These are some of the issues I do not understand at all about Uganda
becuase what is on ground defies what is being said.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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