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{UAH} Ruling party backs Magufuli ban on teen mothers

School girls get pregnant because they are not safe in the school environment

Tanzania's ruling CCM party has clarified that President John Magufuli's decision to ban teen mothers from being readmitted to public schools, saying it was in line with party's manifesto.

Addressing journalists on Thursday, CCM ideology and publicity secretary Humphrey Polepole said girls who were forced out of school by pregnancy had other avenues through which to further their education.

He added that the party's 2015-20 election manifesto said girls who dropped out of primary school due pregnancy would continue with their studies in the informal education system.

"It's true that our manifesto mentions the desire to provide access to education for teen mothers, but through the Complementary Basic Education for Tanzania (Cobet). That is what is in our manifesto," Mr Polepole said.

"The bible can't be interpreted by a pagan… this is our manifesto, and we are one only ones who can expound and interpret it correctly. The aim is to ensure that teen mothers get the same education but in other ways."

According to Mr Polepole, there are over 80,000 people who are using the Cobet system, which is under the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training.

"CCM fully supports President Magufuli's statement on the matter and what he is doing to promote development in the country."

Earlier this week, Sumbawanga District Council chairman Kalolo Ntilla said teen mothers would not be allowed to join Cobet, which is also known by its Kiswahili acronym Memkwa.

Source: The Citizen Tanzania

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