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{UAH} Rwomushana belittles Museveni for losing to Bobi Wine

Charles Rwomushana

Former spy and State House head of intelligence desk, Charles Rwomushana, has demeaned President Yoweri Museveni for spending all his energy and resources only to lose the Kyadondo East election to a musician.

Museveni personally went to Kyadondo to campaign for the NRM candidate, Sitenda Sebalu, saying only someone closer to government could avail the services people need.

On the day of Museveni's Wampeewo rally in Kasangati Wakiso district, Bobi was arrested and detained yet he had earlier been allocated the same venue by the electoral commission.

Despite the deployment of police, the army and military police as well as the arrest of his supporters and polling agents, Bobi Wine still defeated his rivals to emerge as the Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East constituency.

Appearing on "NBS Frontline" programme moderated by Charles Odongtho Thursday night, Rwomushana laughed at Museveni for wasting his energy only to lose the election.

"We can lose the message in music of liberation the same way we lost Tanga Odoi at Makerere University," he said, adding, "We are having this result because of social media."

Rwomushana wondered who Museveni was before he became president compared to Bobi Wine.

"At least Bobi Wine can sing," he added.

Tanga Odoi, the ruling NRM electoral commission chairman, said the country wants representation and not commercialists in Parliament.

He asked that the salary of MPs be reduced so the country can get real parliamentarians.

"It was not possible for even an international rigger to ballot stuff. How can you rig a popular person? It's impossible," he said when asked about an alleged vote rigging incident at Kasangati resort in favour of Sitenda.

Tanga said the popularity of Bobi Wine can be drawn from very many angles.

"Our candidate didn't present himself as an honourable. 'Bayaye' have been voting PhD holders to parliament and I think this is the time they voted for their own."

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