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{UAH} SAD! MAK finalist dies while giving birth at Nsambya hospital

SAD! MAK finalist dies while giving birth at Nsambya hospital

Flavia Nalubwama, a computer science finalist at Makerere university passed on after giving birth Wednesday morning at Nsambya Hospital.

According to Vivian Sarah Ibua, a close friend to Flavia, the deceased suffered complications after giving birth to a bouncing baby girl and only the medics who were in the theatre at the time of her demise can give clear accounts of what really transpired.
"No one can really tell what happened in the theatre apart from the doctors. The newly born baby girl is, however, alive," Ibua told Campus bee

She talks of her as someone who has been really a nice person and one that will greatly be missed

"The last time I met her was two weeks back near Mitchell hall and asked if she was done submitting her report for the final year project. She said that she hadn't yet submitted it. I honestly didn't know that was my last time seeing her. She's been really a nice person and will greatly be missed," Ibua eulogised.

Flavia a former student of Mpoma Girls, Mukono will be laid to rest today at Nakabago Mukono District.

May you rest in peace, Flavia


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