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No more sex for marks at Makerere- VC Nawangwe

Makerere University Vice Chancellor-elect, Prof

Makerere University Vice Chancellor-elect, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe. Photo by Alex Esagala  

By Damali Mukhaye

The newly appointed Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has vowed to deal with any staff involved in asking for sex in exchange for marks at the country's biggest education institution.

For some time now, Makerere University has been soiled by allegations of staff, especially male lecturers asking for sex from their female students in exchange for good marks.
While appearing on KFM's "Hot seat", a talk show hosted by Patrick Kamara on Monday, Prof Nawangwe warned that whoever has continued to engage in the acts of sex for marks will face it rough in his era.

"Time of sex for marks at Makerere is now over in my era. We have been dismissing and disciplining those implicated in the vice. We have also sent a message that the university must have a zero tolerance to this vice and I have warned everybody in my public presentations that the time for dilly dallying is over. Now is time for serious action," he added.

He said students would be getting their transcripts before graduation.
The university has not yet issued transcripts to more than 14,000 students who graduated in January this year. Management says some staff members infiltrated the marks system and changed marks for a number of students.

"We are concerned about this and we are going to put in place mechanisms to ensure that students get their transcripts even before they graduate. We want to demystify this issue of transcripts. Obviously, we have had a problem in that area some of which is human resource related but we can always solve that," Prof Nawangwe said.
On claims that the university's quality of education has gone down over the last 30 years, Prof. Nawangwe said it was just a perception among some people.

"I believe that graduates who leave Makerere today are far better than those we had about 30 years ago. The perception these days is that the quality of students has gone down. It will take 100 years for any university in Uganda to get to the level of Makerere now. We have 90 percent of PHDs in this country," he added.
The University Council on Friday confirmed Prof Nawangwe as the next VC to replace Prof John Ddumba Ssentamu whose term expires on August 30.

This was after Pof. Nawangwe scooped 16 votes from 22 members of Council who voted.
His name was sent to the University chancellor Prof Ezra Suruma for confirmation but he is yet to receive the appointment letter.


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