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{UAH} The Statue Of Friedrich Engels Unveiled In Manchester.

The Statue Of Friedrich Engels was Unveiled In Manchester on 19th July 2017, in a city where he wrote the essays that would become THE CONDITION OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ENGLAND, one of the great works on Dialectical And Historical Materialism. But Engels Is More famously Known For .Co-Authoring, together with Karl Marx,THE MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY. The Manifesto, a living document, attempted to give society a new blue-print for social harmony and peaceful co-existence, and today is acclaimed as the most widely read book in the entire history of humanity.. The British Working Class will probably best remember Engels for THE CONDITION OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ENGLAND, which came out in 1844 and Exposed the Horrors of the Industrial Revolution.

Written when Engels was only twenty-four, and inspired in particular by his time living amongst the poor in Manchester, this forceful polemic explores the staggering human cost of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England. Engels paints an unforgettable picture of daily life in the new industrial towns, and for miners and agricultural workers--depicting overcrowded housing, abject poverty, child labour, sexual exploitation, dirt and drunkenness--in a savage indictment of the greed of the bourgeoisie. . A masterpiece of committed reporting and an impassioned call to arms, this is one of the greatest pioneering works of social history.

It is right and fitting that this statue be raised in the city, where for the first time, an intellectual and philosopher tried to understand and give voice to the cataclysmic changes that were taking place in the world- morever changes that would would revolutionise society completely- whether for better or for worse.

George Okello, LL.M; M.Phil.

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