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By Rev. Amos Kasibante 

For now I will leave out the names, although this is a true story. In the mid-1970s - regime of Idi Amin - there was much tension between Christians and Muslims in Lyantonde and (mu) Kibinge. It was around this time that the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Janani Luwum, was murdered by the regime. 

Now there lived two very rich men in Kibinge, one Muslim and one Christian (Church of Uganda). Both their names started with a "K". The Christian rarely went to Church, but the fact remains that he had a Christian identity. This account was given me by the Muslim guy himself in 1979. Some people told him that the Christian guy was plotting to eliminate him and that he must be cautious. The Muslim swore that he would take out the Christian before he himself was murdered. The Christian knew that the Muslim had sworn to kill him; so he became scarce, changing cars, disguising himself, and sleeping in different places. 

But after hiding for several months, the Christian guy got fed up. He did not know why the Muslim wanted to kill him. So, one day, he drives to the Muslim's home. He is alone in the car. When the Muslim sees him, he tries to run away, but seeing no one else in the car, he stops. 

The Christian says, "K, I have come to talk to you". The Muslim asks him into the lounge. After they seat down, the Christian starts, "I am tired of hiding. You want to kill me; so here am I. You may kill me now. I cannot keep hiding all the time".

The Muslim guy is in shock. "True", he says. "I was seeking to kill you. People told me that you were plotting to kill me, and I thought that if that was the case, I should kill you before you killed me".

The Christian guy said, "I have never in my life sought to kill anybody, least of all you!"

The two kept quiet for a while. "People!", they wondered. They hugged and said farewell to each other. 

This story was told me by the Muslim guy himself. And it was not a secret in Kibinge. 

You know, this story came back to me after I read about the way Maverick Blutaski is hunted and haunted by some secret people who come disguised. Why don't they come out into the light and state their case?

"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."

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