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{UAH} Student sues school over rape

Student sues school over rape


KAMPALA- A female student has sued a school seeking Shs100m in compensation for rape that robbed her of her virginity.

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Ms Lydia Kamwine filed the suit against Namirembe Hillside High School situated on Gayaza Road in Wakiso District. In a suit before the High Court in Kampala, Ms Kamwine contends that she was in Senior Five when a Senior Six student, a one Geoffrey Kalemera of the same school, allegedly raped her.

Ms Kamwine asserts that during lunch time, on October 26, 2016, she met Kalemera in the school yard. Kalemera allegedly grabbed her and dragged her to a vacant Senior Two classroom where he allegedly raped her.

Ms Kamwine is represented by Pearl Advocates and Solicitors.

She says when the offender realised other students were returning for the afternoon lessons, he let her go.

"…the conduct of the headmaster and the entire school administration of failing to subject her case to a prompt and appropriate scrutiny or forwarding the same to police for investigation and necessary action, amounted to negligence, discrimination and breach of parental duty of care the school owed her," the suit reads in part.

She contends that after the alleged rape, she reported the matter to the headmaster who instead asked her to make a written apology that subsequently earned her an indefinite suspension.

While on suspension, Ms Kamwine says she missed sitting the Third Term promotional examinations and accordingly, could not be promoted to Senior Six. She had to find another school.

She further states that prior to filing the suit, she notified the school about her intention to sue. She is seeking court to declare that the school was negligent against her, payment of Shs100 million in damages for the injuries, humiliation, loss of self-esteem, mental anguish and inconvenience she has suffered as a result of the alleged rape. 

The school is yet to file its defence.

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