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{UAH} Uganda: Police - 121 Ugandans Trafficked in Last 6 Months

The Observer (Kampala)

Uganda: Police - 121 Ugandans Trafficked in Last 6 Months

Police have recorded 48 cases of trafficking in persons involving over 121 victims, mainly ladies in the past six months.

A report released by the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Unit under ministry of Internal Affairs, shows that 78 of the victims who were trafficked out of Uganda and 43 within the country have since been rescued. Investigations into their cases are still ongoing.

Moses Binoga, the coordinator, the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Unit, says the victims, majority of whom are young females, complained of labour exploitation and scenarios of sexual exploitation.

"Majority are young ladies trafficked to the Middle East Countries for labor exploitation but occasionally some of them have been victims of sexual exploitation in terms of forced prostitution," Binoga told URN.

The report that was presented before the inter-agency security committee recently also indicates that 180 persons were intercepted while being trafficked to Middle East at various exit points of Uganda as well as Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi, Kenya.

"140 of the victims were intercepted at Busia, Malaba, Entebbe and Rwakaka exit points while a group of 40 young ladies were intercepted at Jomo Kenyatta airport where they were found with forged immigration stamps and passports of other persons," said Binoga.

According to Binoga, 40 ladies were prosecuted in Kenyan courts before being deported back to Uganda. Preliminary investigations reveal that all the victims of transnational trafficking registered as well as the intercepted persons were recruited by unlicensed individuals and companies.

Investigations have also revealed that some registered victims of transnational trafficking pass through the neighboring Kenya with the aid of trafficking agents at the boarders and within Kenya. Most of them enter Kenya through unofficial routes at the different border posts.

The Police Professional Standards Unit is also investigating different officers in Busia and Tororo for alleged involvement in trafficking of persons. Those being investigated include the regional and district police commanders.


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