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{UAH} Ugandan who faked his way to top State jobs charged


While this man is not the exception, his alleged exploits stand out.  

A critical loophole that allows this level of forgery is near absence of employment / background screening systems in Africa.

In most developed countries, to get a government - from city to national level - a candidate must pass extensive background checks that might go back to his primary school days. 

A relative of mine was hired by the US Federal Bank in February 2016. But the chap could not start work until last March, because the Feds had not completed background checks on him.

The investigation took US agents to Mulanda, in West Budama, to confirm a few things; then off to Oslo where my relative had spent a year, and several other places since then.

In Kenya, there was a a career conman, a high school dropout who charmed his way to the top echelons of government service, and ended as Ambassador to Washington, DC, armed with a string of bogus college degrees from India, UK, and stupidly, US!


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