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Ocaya Mike p'Ocure/ Simon Peter Okurut/ Ikanos,

There is a debate going on in the major UPC discussion fora regarding the treacherous activities of UPC traitor James Akena. Akena has become a major league quisling and is now under sustained pressure to resign, not just from the faction of the party that he leads, but from UPC itself. Failing to do so will see him expelled from the party. His latest revelation that he has enterred into an "alliance" with Kayibanda Museveni's NRA gangster group was the last straw, and probably the last kick of a dying horse. Akena has no credibility left, if he ever had one- even  grave yard robbers have better credibility than James 


"Time is a real validator or vindicator for everyone and everything in mortal existence.I still passionately believe in taking principled stand on all matters because any slightest concession on matters of principle implies the abandonment of principle itself.",

Uganda People's Congress [UPC] President, Jimmy Akena, has lashed at the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Winfred Kiiza, for speaking against the designation of a UPC MP as Vice Chairperson of a Committee. There was dust in…

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