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Uganda's Public Service rules on fashion

06 JULY 2017 7:15 PM


Socialite Judith Heard helps us understand the Public Service Fashion sense
The long nails in (1) are not allowed, the knee length in (2) seems to be okay, but the dress is tight, so not allowed and in (3) the male counterparts will be very uncomfortable when a lady in a mini skirt seats cross legged...

Non uniformed staff in the Public Service have been issued with a circular clearly detailing what and what not to put on during office hours. A public officer is supposed to dress decently and in the generally accepted standards in the Ugandan community.

They go ahead to give the definition of decent dressing; "Dressing in a manner that is socially acceptable and generally considered to be smart, good, reasonable and portrays a good image of the Public Service."

Female Officers:

  • Should not wear tight fitting dresses and skirts,
  • Should be dressed in skirts or a dress that is not above the knees with a smart or short sleeved blouse. Sleeveless transparent blouses and dresses are not allowed,
  • Cleavage, navel, knees and the back should not be seen at all,
  • Ads   
  • Flat shoes are not allowed except on doctor's orders or medical grounds,
  • Not allowed to have brightly colored hair, braids and hair extensions,
  • Hair should be kept neat and presentable,
  • Can wear trousers provided they are long enough to cover the bosom, and these can be smart lady suits with jackets,
  • Wear modest accessories like diamond rings.

What to wear and not to wear by Public Servants in Uganda

Pic (1) Shows the effect of short skirts that are above the knee, the very short one's leave men very weak in the knees. The maroon one is long enough and the blue one will leave male counterparts not delivering to their full potential.

Pic (2) - The hair extension is not allowed, the short sleeved is allowed and so is the long white skirt which is way below the knee, however, it's tight showing off her ample behind and that's where this becomes wrong in the just released circular, instead, it should be like in pic (3) which does not reveal the body size.

Pic (4) We bring this one because it has an African print touch and the dress code circular does not mention anything in this line, but as they say, there is room for review.

KCCA's Executive Director test-driving the KCCA FC 48-seater bus

KCCA Executive Director Jennipher Musisi is clad in a body fitting blue trouser and according the circular, this will be fine provided it has a matching jacket, but her earrings might not necessarily be modest and fortunately or unfortunately for her, all her dresses are fitting showing off her curvy body.

The circular is clear - No wearing tight fitting dresses and skirts. However, if all those rules are followed what will the female public officers put on? It's no wonder some feel these policies are targeting women mostly.


Gwokto La'Kitgum
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