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{UAH} Who ordered the eviction of people from Bulemezi in 1990 - Genesis

Dear Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and Uganda media investigate
some of the spectacular land evictions of the century and how it all
started in Bulemezi and Buruli.

In Nakasongola area land instantly became titled - but how?

The commission into land acquisition and management led by Justice
Catherine Bamugemereire should try to get hold of a letter written by
one NRM minister in the late 1990's to Bulemezi citizens directing
them to vacate their land – that very letter will offer vital insights
into how land stealing started.

Further still the commission should find out from the people who were
staying on land where Singo field artillery school is located and the
land between Kanyonyi and Lwampanga how it exchanged hands from Uganda
citizens to become army land.

In addition how Lake Kyoga became owned by North Koreans to deplete it
of fish stocks. Where did the people who used to survive on this land
and lake go?

Notice too that Idi Amin had a field artillery school in vast empty
land in Ngoma - who own those fields today and how was it acquired



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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