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{UAH} Why did a mob seek out and kill a college “genius”?

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I have written at length on the brutal lynching of Mashall Khan who was shot and beaten to death by a muslim mob at Abdul Wali Khan university in Pakistan a few weeks ago. Mahall's tragic death has now been broadcastt by the BBC and is reported to have attracted one of the widest audiences since the founding of the BBC. Such is the extent that the brutal killing of Mashall Khan has shocked the world- and the world-wide interest it has raised. This documentary is made by a person who is a muslim himself- and I think iy poses the central question that all muslims must address and must not run away from, 

I have been particularly moved by Mashall's tragic case because in many ways he mirrors me as a young man. Here was a student, admittedly a genius and at the very top of his class who had discovered Karl Marx and got infected with his idealistic  message of human liberation. Mashall liked engaging fellow students in public debates- at which he was very good, and this seemed to have upset the Islamist students. The last straw it seems was an arguement on Creation and The Origin of The Human Species- something that happens in most university campuses- but the Islamists were not amused- claimed he had committed blasphemy against Islam by questioning the Koran's version of how life started on earth. Yet, up to his last minutes, Mashall still said he believed in Islam, and in his room can still be found posters of Karl Marx, Che Guevarra alongside a quotation from the Koran. "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."

Mashall's family have now built a shrine next to his grave, which is now being visited by thousands pf people. I plan to visit it myself sometime this year if i make a judgement that it would be safe for me to travel to Pakistan.

But a few corrections from what i had earlier written:

1. It is not true that Mashall's own father welcomed his death as I had earlier stated. In fact the person who welcomed the death of Mashall and claimed he desreved it was the father of the mudrerer- the classmate who shot Mashall.
2. My statement that no one tried to save Mashall once the mob set on him is also not factually correct. The prgramme makes clear three of his friends desperately tried to save him after he was shot, they carried his wounded and bleeding body for a distance, trying to get him to hospital until they were caught up by the mob, and so had to abandon him and run for their own lives.


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