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{UAH} The women fighting to "finish off" so-called Islamic State, on the front line in Syria

Mayimuna, Afuwa Kasule, Frank Mujabi

Watch this film, on female Fighters Determined To Finish Off ISIS . To them, a Woman's Place Is In The Battle Field, Not The Home.. Some of them are very young Marxist students from the UK who say they want to finish off ISIS and then start the next battle to change Syrian society. They want to end oppression of Syrian and Arab women. One of the young fighters says the change she wants in Syrian society must begin with her own father. So there is something positive that may emerge out of this bloody conflict that has claimed so many lives. I hope that in our own battle in Uganda, we can develop female cadres like these ones.


The women fighting to "finish off" so-called Islamic State, on the front line in Syria. (via BBC Newsnight)

Full film:

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