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FIRST, I know Acoli folks had for years been looking for clear politics of peaceful coexistence between both our folks hence the reason of the sending a delegation to Lango. I recalled before the 1985 military coup, Acoli political leaders led a delegation to Lango district where I was one member of that delegation, which was composed of our UPC party Kitgum District Chairman and the Church leaders. Well, the rest they say is history, but the painful truth was that we met some difficulties, which could not help under such situation. The unfortunate thing, had been some negative forces at that period.
However, the biggest problems with the oncoming tragedies currently, which shall engulfed our two folks, I think rests on the shoulders of none other than on Mzee ADOKO Nekyon. This is the man who had no political principle hence he could not steer the Estate left by his brother the late OBOTE with great care. I must state that I think, since Mzee ADOKO Nekyon does not have any true political principle; it means he carries a Rainbow colour politics hence the very reason AKENA Jimmy MP had failed in politics and even in getting a true woman of his love. Clearly, a man cannot share a woman with another man who had produced two or three children from previous marriage!
SECOND, there existed very brutal political tendency of inheritance among several of my Langi comrades to the effect that they got consumed with AKENA must inherit the political DNA of his father. Frankly, AKENA has no political ideology of his own which could have innovated and guided him to move on his own political prose. YES, the likes of ADHOLA Yoga, ADOKO Nekyon and cahoots sold AKENA like hotcakes under the name of the so–called 'Charisma Transfer' (CT) as they did in selling Mama Miria OBOTE earlier as well.
Okello DOKOLO, please enjoy your political niche which was selling and buying your politics of 'Charisma Transfer' and, or politics of inheritance! You knew AKENA was an empty tin but you forced him on the UPC party because he is the son of the late OBOTE. The whole of you knew AKENA had not educational and, or political qualifications to lead the UPC party but your Lira Municipal Constituency used sadistic method to chase even IMAT Cecilia OGWAL from Lira to DOKOLO!
LASTLY, Okello DOKOLO do not try to open my mouth with some of your innuendoes because your political journey has been very dirty. I think it is you folks those must stop your AKENA and NRA/M7ism banditry from your Lira Municipal Constituency! Acoli folks, I think have not been envious about the success of Lango folks inside the NRA/M7ism politics and regime that made the wife of AKENA Obote became a very powerful minister of Land.
There exists very unfortunate thing, that even one has a very powerful position being it Presidents, Prime Ministers and, or Kings such folks do not see what would happen tomorrow! This means, AMONGI may be very powerful today, but she does not see and, or knows tomorrow events beforehand!
Ocaya pOcure

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The Won Nyaci Needs To Tell Amongi Her Land grabbing activities have nothing to do with Lango and Langi. In fact this Acholi delegation should either go to her home and talk to her and her husband James Akena, or in the alternative go to Rwanda where the other principal in the dispute and her benefactor is the overlord.
Northernews Wire
5 hrs · 
A delegation of peace from Acholi sub region comprising of Religious, Cultural and Political leaders among others, will on Monday next week be dispatched from Ker Kwaro Acholi palace to meet Won Nyachi of Lango. This initiative by the Lango Parliamentary Forum (LPF) and Lango Cultural institution, comes at the wake of simmering tension between the two neighbours.
The Acholi peace delegation shall meet with the cultural institution of Lango on the conduct of Amongi, the Lands minister, and to inquire whether her action is the position and true representation of the people and the community that she represents in Parliament .
Acholi and Lango have enjoyed time - honoured friendship and harmony since time immemorial. This tension comes in the midst of constitutional amendments regarding acquisition of lands by the government. The delegation's major mandate will be to ask Lango cultural institution to call to order the minister.
Unconfirmed reports indicate that the electorate from Amongi's constituency have started collecting signatures to recall her from parliament. Despite all this, the minister pitched camp in Gulu town this week as she pushes for survey of Amuru land.

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