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SV: {UAH} Ssemujju Nganda for presidency???

I believe that would depend on Ssemujju himself. He has to show that he is one and, wants to be one.
The President of Uganda is some one well versed with and actively involved in the affairs of all parts of Uganda.
Organising and attending meetings at all corners of Uganda.

In contrast, we have politicians who don't give a damn about what goes on in Gulu. They only come to Gulu during election campaigns ( if they do, that is!!). All they know about Amuru, Adjumani, Madi, Atiyak, Palabek, Kumi, Nagongera, Kiryadongo, Namalu ...etc (help me feel the list), is what they read on the media.
A Presidential material knows Uganda!!!
Noc'la gaumoy. 

Den tisdag, 1 augusti 2017 23:15 skrev Abbey Semuwemba <>:

How come nobody is mentioning Hon.  Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju as a presidential material? He is not just a useful MP, but a "patriot" in the best sense of the word (a sense that appears of late to have lapsed in common usage): someone who is willing to endure the wrath and calumny of the powerful in his country to follow his conscience. He is passionate and vituperative about polticis because he understands that it has real life-and-death consequences for real people. He is actually the best spokesman FDC have ever had, with due respect to Mr. Wafula Oguttu and others that have held that position in the past. His articles in the Observer are well researched, informing and well written. I honestly wonder why he didn't offer himself for the FDC presidency yet he has all the qualifications. He is one guy I could offer to work for free as his secretary(part time) if he ever becomes the president of Uganda.


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