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{UAH} 2 shot dead as Kenya post-election tensions escalate

On record


Two weeks ago just before this election, based on information I keep on getting from Kenya, I took my very valuable time, to alert our people in Kenya that this election is going to end up in violence. Gook took me on that warning, and he questioned why I spread fear among very good citizens. Today we have two dead Kenyans that we simply cannot decide if they would be dead today had they read my posting, let alone had they not read Gook's attack on my warning. Bottom line 2 people have lost their lives. The deaths in Kenya after this election is only starting, firkin common sense states so. But before I blow up my casket which I should actually do tonight, for these are deaths that should have never happened, and do you know why? Because we are so many in diaspora, we know more about African politics, and we know how it will all end up. Than standing up and we advise our people at home not to take any precautions before this very terrible election. And terrible so it was.


Gook stood to preach how no violence will take place in Kenya.  Buses have been ferrying peasants into Uganda, we today have Kenyan immigrants sitting in Uganda for they want to see how this wave ends. Africans in diaspora are preaching that talking about violence in Kenyan election is very irresponsible.


When you look closely at the Luwero war, there are those of us that tracked out of Kampala on foot, and after nights of secretive tracking and we arrived in Eastern Uganda on our way to Kenya, you would not help but ask the peasants on the situation in Kampala. And trust me at the time, Acholi under Tito Okello ran Kampala, you needed to know what furk up they had done in last 30 minutes after you talked to some one in Kampala. And the response was very candid, Kampala is very fine, Muzeyi Obote is in charge and Uganda is going forward. Oh by the way there is a few people in Luwero district that have been confused by Museveni, and president Obote is working on it and will fix it.


At a time, all girls through all boarding schools in Luwero district had been raped by Acholi goofs. At that time the entire Luwero was un passable. All hospitals had been closed and all schools had been closed, from Mattugga you would not drive towards Bombo, so Bombo road had been closed all way from Kawanda to probably Kakooge, Hoima road was closed from Nansana to through lake Kafu. Yes for furk sake there was a Luwero triangle, it was closed, and very unpassable. And every woman in there was raped to a point that 9 year olds were firkin molested. And yet a Ugandan you found in Eastern Uganda said it plainly, "Kampala is very fine, Muzeyi Obote is in charge and Uganda is going forward. Oh by the way there is a few people in Luwero district that have been confused by Museveni, and president Obote is working on it and will fix it."  Sadly Gook has publicly supported Raila Odinga and he has not seen a single fault in his campaign, thus the cover of violence to the population.


Ugandans, Acholi were and are still to today a very  brutal society, they were and to today still barbaric, and Dogs like Rurangaranga sacrificed our little ones to be sexually pilled by Acholi goons at age 9. Uganda is not failing for it has terrible leaders, it is failing for it allows Pigs like Rurangaranga to own a firkin grave in our state.


Friends there is a reason why all Western countries are sucking Africa dry, we open the continent up, and if you think you survive in the life style of Toronto due to the 13% you pay in taxes, then think again. You survive for after the west sends weapons into Kenya and Africans die, Gook an African preaches how there will never be violence after the election. May the Kenyans that have died due to the violence after election rest in peace. And these deaths are just a start, stay tuned for unless they moderate us, we will post as Kenya brutality after election continues.


Just for the record.



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