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{UAH} Age Limit: Museveni Summons Military High Command, NRM CEC, Meets Attorney General

Age Limit: Museveni Summons Military High Command, NRM CEC, Meets Attorney General

President Museveni on Monday morning met with the Deputy Antony General Mwesigwa Rukutana on behalf of William Byaruhanga at State House Entebbe. Spy Reports has reliably learnt.

According to sources from State House, Museveni told the Attorney General that he is tired of criticism from church and cultural leaders and wherever he goes as people keep asking him on his take on the proposed age limit bill.

A source privy to this closed door meeting told us that Museveni ordered Rukutana to consult former Attorney Generals and interpret the constitution well saying that the proposed bill shouldn't be wrongly rushed and cause problems.
Rukutana also asked the president more time and consult his boss Byaruhanga who is currently hospitalized in London after fainting.

"He said he will sit with him as soon as he is okay and they will come out with one voice". A source told us.

The deputy Attorney General also asked the president to warn MPs mostly from the ruling NRM to stop inciting people using the bill saying that they trying to antagonize with their plan.
Museveni also warned Kasanda South MP Semeo Nsubuga and Kabula county MP Kakooza to stop talking about the age limit until Attorney General comes out with a clear stand.

After that meeting Museveni also met with police Chief Gen.Kale Kayihura who briefed him on how politicians are in field mobilizing youths to stage demonstrations in different areas.

Kayihura handed over intelligence report to the president showing on how MP Muhamed Nsereko, Norbert Mao and renegade Gen David Sejussa are busy mobilizing people against removing age limit.

The president however informed Kayihura that he's going to engage them on friendly basis.

This Friday Museveni is meeting the Central Executive Committee of NRM and will later meet the military high command on the same issue.

The commander in-chief will meet the NRM CEC members in the morning and later in the evening will meet the Military High Command.

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