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{UAH} Age limit; Now Museveni gets another birth date

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Now that Kayibanda has sorted out his date of birth, perhaps he will also sort out the small matter of his "graduation" from Dar es Salaaam University. I can see the stooges of the Church of Uganda providing him with a photo opportunity in which he recives his baptismal certificate; now will he also go back to Dar es Salaam university, and wake up some stooges to arrange another photo opportunity for him to retrieve his degree certificate- that is if the tough talking Magulufi allows it?


Age limit; Now Museveni gets another birth date

Museveni checking for his birth day

In his book sowing the mustard seed Mr.Museveni wrote that he was born around the time veterans locally known as Baseveni who fought in the second world war were returning home hence the name Museveni.

He wrote that his parents were uneducated and typical peasants who couldn't recall the day and date when he was born.

Museveni has all along told Ugandans that what passes as his birthday was just a ceremonial birthday picked for him by his daughters who wished to celebrate his birth.

While registering for the national ID Museveni put his birth day as being 15 09 1944

However today a document said to be the official baptism register for church of Uganda has brought a new important date in Museveni's life and it has miraculous reduced his age three years saying he was born 1947

Ugandans have expressed views on this find and timing with many accusing the church of Uganda of connivance with m7, while others asked why all along in his life Museveni couldn't think of this as a way of retrieving his true date of birth.

'Museveni has got a birth certificate, now is looking for his graduation photo" comment one fun

Journalist Andrew Irumba has summarised the discovery ;


Museveni age
Museveni age


  Museveni age
Museveni ID






President Yoweri Museveni,together with first lady Janet Kataha Museveni on Sunday landed on information tracing his 'real' birth date!

According to records obtained from St.Luke Kanoni Church of Uganda Rwampara,Mbarara District, president Museveni was born in 1947,as opposed to 1944 as earlier documented in all his official documents.

"I will take oath to correct this mistake, this is a small matter" Museveni was quoted earlier today.

If this happens, it means president Museveni will still be eligible to stand for president in 2021 without amending the constitional article 102 clause (B) that bars one to stand for presidency after clocking 75yrs.

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