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{UAH} Arua Municipality youth collecting signatures to recall MP Ibrahim Abiriga from Parliament

By Maurice Eriku

Some disgruntled electorates of Arua Municipality have vowed to unseat Ibrahim Abiriga from parliament.

While addressing a press conference at Pacific hotel in Arua, the youths accused the MP of deserting his constituency and misrepresenting Arua Municipality.

According to the FDC general secretary Arua Municipality, Mercy Monica Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga has failed in his responsibility as the area MP

Meanwhile Lemeriga Fadhil, DP chairperson of Arua District says Abiriga is not genuine in his seat.

However efforts to reach hon. Abiriga for comments were futile as his known telephone contact was switched off.

So far the youths have collected 635 signatures but will only succeed after gathering 2/3rdof the electorates in Arua Municipality. End

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