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{UAH} The decision to allow online voting is taking the UNAAEC forever to make!

Fellow Ugandans,

UNAA's Electoral commission is taking an awfully long time to decide whether online voting will be allowed or not in this heated race for UNAA's top leadership. The deadline to register to vote has come and gone -while the commission is still deliberating on a technical online voting issue critical to the non incumbent ! Ironically, it reminds us all of Uganda's Electoral commission with Engineer Kigundu-although we have greater confidence in our commission -since it is comprised of folks who have witnessed all these voting mechanisms working seamlessly out here in North America.

The absentee ballot is not a new thing in this region of North America , security and verification could be handled by the many security frameworks that have been used by many organizations.

We recon that -there maybe additional concerns with our people, however, this is a nay or yea vote that shouldn't take ten precious days away from the momentum and drive to beef up UNAA's membership .
The long wait is not boding well for the non-incumbent Presidential candidate Dr. Daniel Kawuma and his team, it also puts the UNAAEC in a bad light, given that they have not come out to communicate the challenges they are facing to the many "would be members" who are still eagerly waiting to register and cast their vote online.

It remains our hope out here in the community that they will compensate for the time they have taken to deliberate on the online voting matter by extending the registration period. We also hope that they are putting in place -perhaps a cloud based -"register and vote provision "-which is the quickest, cheapest and most securitized install, that can move this process forward in the limited time remaining before the actual convention.

If UNAA is to remain vibrant in the face of such fierce competition - it needs to morph itself into a quick and agile technologically savvy organization and online voting is indeed a great way to start.

Tendo Kaluma

Ugandan in Boston

 "To ask a dictator to implement democratic measures after 30 years in power is an oxymoron" 

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