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A lot is being said by generals and veteran politicians from South West Uganda.
They think that they are the only natural leaderrs of Uganda. In this
they have even plotted against their own, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
Some are even scheming for worse.
The first was Dr.Kiiza Besgye. But there is also Amama Mbabazi. Ofi
course, l have not forogotten Winnie Byanyima and Jacqualine Mbabazi.
then, Francis Bwengye, Benon Biraro, Dr. Baryamureba, to mention but a few.
The late Gen.Aronda Nyakarima, Gen.Elly Tumwine, Gen. David Sejusa,
Gen. Kale Kayihura, etc...
They are all positioning themselves to be President Yoweri Museveni;s
immediate successors.
At times even the Fitrst lady and the first son are mentioned.
At times even the first brother is mentioned.
At worse even the first sons especially Odrek Rwabwogo are mentioned.
Yes, Uhuru Kenyatta is President but was not an immediate successor to
Jomo Kenyatta. Abeid Karume of Zanzibar was President but not an
immediate successor to his father. Saletse Khama of Botswana was also
not an immediate successor to the founder President. Gnasibe Eyadema
of Togo, the same. Joseph Kabila to succeed Laurent Desire Kabila,
that was extra ordinary and did not bear good results.
What's my take. Yes Museveni was produced by Bahororo community in
Ankole sub region, western Uganda. But he is now a product of Uganda
and Africa and not Basiita clan, neither their in laws. He is bigger
than Banyankore both of present Ankole, and the Diaspora and should
not be demoted to a tribal chief like Kenyan politicians or a clan
leader like Somali war lords.
Museveni and NRM Government would have performed better if it was not
you and your nepotistic tendencies where good cadres are left out
because they are labeled from wrong tribes, wrong regions, wrong
religions. To hell with you.
Give us a break until we exhaust the useful man and allow him to
retire and we get a suitable candidate from other regions other than
south western Uganda and preferably eastern Uganda which has never
produced a President or Buganda if they minimize their way of
idolizing their Kabaka at Mmengo. The North should also keep waiting
because we have not yet forgotten the atrocities of Obote, and his
generals; Amin and the Okellos.

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