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{UAH} Election ‘miracle’: Bishop Gilbert Deya is back

Frank Mujabi,

Whats wrong with Africans? This Gilbert Deya has finally been deported from the UK after fighting a deportation battle that lasted more than 7 years. Deya run a scam, which became known as the Miracle Babies Scandal. Hundreds of barren women would be duped into believing they had given birth to babies- who in reality were trafficked children from Kenya, Uganda and other African countries. A woman who is not pregnant would be drugged, told to grunt heavily, and lo and behold, a baby pops out of her tummy- just like that. And some of these women believed Deya's scam and paid him thousands of pounds. The journalist who busted Deya is actually my friend, a  guy by the name Gakurur Macharia. But do you belive Deya's church is still open in Deptford and every evening there are close to 200 Africans having night prayers and vigils- all of them asking for miracles!!!


The man of God claimed he helped barren women in Kenya and Britain to give birth through prayers

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