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{UAH} Former UPC chairman Edward Rurangaranga dies

Former UPC chairman Edward Rurangaranga dies

Former UPC Party National Chairman Rtd Major

Former UPC Party National Chairman Rtd Major Edward Rurangaranga 

By Shabibah Nakirigya

Former Uganda People's Congress (UPC) Party National Chairman Rtd Major Edward Rurangaranga has died.

Rurangaranga who also served as a minister in Obote's government is reported to have collapsed at his home (Kitagata, Sheema) in the wee hours. A family member says he's been battling Diabetes and Hypertension.

According to Mr Okello Lucima, the UPC spokesperson-Otunnu faction, Rurangaranga died at about 12:40am.
"Comrades, the Party and the country has lost a soldier, patriot, liberator, and an elder statesman: Mzee Maj. Edward Rurangaranga. May God grant him everlasting life, and carry the burdens of death for his family, the people of Sheema and entire Bushenyi, his party and country. The struggle for which Maj Rurangaranga and his contemporaries dissipated their youths, must continue unabated," he said.


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