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{UAH} Fwd: Revealed: Evidence of Iraq's 'sectarian cleansing' murders leaked to The New Arab

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Subject: Fwd: Revealed: Evidence of Iraq's 'sectarian cleansing' murders leaked to The New Arab

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Subject: Revealed: Evidence of Iraq's 'sectarian cleansing' murders
leaked to The New Arab

The names of 2,000 "disappeared" Iraqis have been leaked to The New Arab

From The Editor
Once again, the world's eyes are on Jerusalem, as militarised Israeli
police attempt to obstruct Palestinians' freedom of movement
in their own city. Tensions have once again boiled over here at this
flashpoint of violence, born out of decades of daily injustices,
indignities and frustrations.

The Palestinian Authority may have much to answer for with its
administration of the occupation, but it is Israeli political leaders
who have exploited the hostility whipped up by a bunch of fanatical
far-right messianic extremists
to provoke the anger we see on the streets surrounding the Old City

This flagrant attempt by Netanyahu's government to shore up support
among an increasingly radical base will only see further bloodshed and
more lives lost. Israeli leaders and voters must understand that this
may yet spiral out of control - as well as sparking confrontations
across the occupied territories, unilaterally changing the status quo
at Al-Aqsa threatens Israel's delicate relationship with Jordan, the
custodian of Islam's third-holiest site.

Tel Aviv and Amman depend on each other's goodwill over crucial issues
such as water sharing, trade deals and gas supplies - let alone
regional peace and relative stability.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, new evidence of a widespread sectarian
"cleansing" campaign
has emerged in Iraq, with details of thousands of people believed
murdered by Iran-backed militia leaked to The New Arab. And these are
just those known about in one small province. Meanwhile, Iraq's women
are leading the way in rebuilding cities
destroyed by the Islamic State group's occupation and the war to oust

In Lebanon, as in much of the region, foreign women employed as
domestic workers are treated as slaves
, and, in Jordan, Syrian refugees are abandoning their dreams of
higher education

How can we break this depressing cycle? We can be an example for
others. Our actions are like a stone thrown into a pond, the ripples
emanating outwards until they reach every shore. The world is this
week mourning the loss of Rula Quawas
, the Jordanian intellectual and women's rights activist. Her lesson
to her students is one from which we can all learn: "Follow your own
heart at all times and be happy. There is nothing like this in the
whole world. Be empowered and blessed."

"Throw kindness like confetti."

James Brownsell
28 July 2017

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Tweet Of The Week
Outside The Echo Chamber
*  When Australian author Amal Awad met with Jordanian professor and
feminist Rula Quawas, ** her parting words
had a profound impact on her.

* ** To perform in Israel
is to ignore the Palestinian people's call for boycott, and it flies
in the face of the struggle for social justice.

* Before deriding the sexism of the Middle East, ** perhaps the West
should get its own house in order.

* Shutting Palestinians ** out of al-Aqsa
is a major error.

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